What Size Rope Do I Need?

Step-by-Step Visual Guide

One of the most common questions we get asked, is “What size of rope do I need?” In this video we will show you how to work out what size and what type of rope you will need for your stove.


Tease & form the rope

Ensuring that the stove is cold, open the door, and you will see that there are two seals on the door – one around the outside of the door, and one in-between the glass and the door. For the rope around the edge of the door, start by teasing some of the rope away and forming it back into a round shape with your fingers, as it would have been squashed flat through usage.


Measure the rope's diameter

When you’ve done that, simply put your ruler or tape measure against it and measure the diameter. In this case, it is 10 millimetres.


Identify the rope type

There are two types of ceramic stove rope, standard and soft. Standard rope is quite a tight weave that feels like squeezing your finger, whereas soft rope is a much looser weave which feels like squeezing a marshmallow.


Measure the diameter of your gasket rope or seal

There is also a seal or glass gasket on your stove, this will either be rope or self-adhesive flat seal. If it’s rope, this will definitely be soft rope, and as you can see in the images, this stove is clearly roped. Simply remove the screws, holding the clips and glass in place and measure the rope as before. 


Install self-adhesive flat seals

If it’s a self-adhesive seal, simply cut to size, remove the backing and stick to the recess where the glass sits, making sure that the recess is clean.


Tape the frayed rope ends

One of the problems you will come across is that as rope is a woven product when you cut it it tends to fray. Getting two frayed ends to meet is not easy. The way round the problem is with high-temperature end rope tape. Put a couple of wraps of tape around the end of the rope, cut off the excess and then cut through the end of the tape for a nice clean joint and professional finish.

Our Rope Kits

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Need expert help?

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