About Us


A family-run business

Welcome to ADS Stoves, one of the leading suppliers of stove replacement parts and spares in the East Midlands. Established in 2002, we are dedicated to providing seamless customer service with a focus on improving the experience of shopping online for stove replacement parts.

Owning a stove comes with the responsibility of keeping it working safely and burning cleanly for a long lifespan, with a range of parts that might need replacing as the years go by. Stocking spare parts for over 2,500 wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves for leading brands such as Aarrow, Clearview, Charnwood and AGA, shopping with ADS gives you access to all of the replacement parts you could need for a safe and well-functioning stove. We also offer a comprehensive bespoke stove glass and fire brick service cut to your exact requirements.

With years of experience in repairing stoves, our in-house technical expertise provides ultimate peace-of-mind for every stove spare part you purchase from us. Whether you are struggling to work out the make and model of your stove, or need aftercare support in fitting a specific product, our friendly team are always here to help.

With workshop facilities on site, we are also perfectly placed to carry out all types of stove repairs and refurbishments for total peace-of-mind. From damaged stove glass to broken nuts/studs, seized handles and more, with ADS you are in the safest of hands.

Friendly & Knowledgeable

We are a family-run business with a commitment to providing exceptional customer service. Whether you have a question for us, need advice, or want to get a quote for stove repair or bespoke parts, our friendly team is always on hand to assist you.

Extensive Range

We supply genuine, top-quality wood-burning and multi-fuel stove replacement glass, stove fire bricks, insulating stove rope and seals, stove glass and fire bricks to order, and much more for over 2,500 stoves. Everything you need for your stove, you will find right here at ADS.

Dedication to Quality

We sell the highest quality SCHOTT ROBAX® stove glass, which is the best, most heat-resistant glass on the market. Offering a long life span and produced using 95% green raw materials, SCHOTT ROBAX® glass is quality-assured and manufactured to international safety standards.


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