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On this page, we have collated all of the most frequently asked questions, either before or after their purchase, to try and provide you with as much information as possible. If your question is not answered here, please get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to help.

As one of our most common questions, we have created a useful video and step-by-step guide for you to follow. Please click here to visit this page.

The best way to ascertain which rope kit you need is to follow the instructions below.  There are so many stoves on the market it is difficult for us to know the sizes of rope for them all and the manufacturers are not keen to give us this information.

Standard Rope (sometimes known as hard rope) is only ever used around the edge of the stove door never behind the glass. If you squeeze it gently it does not compress much and has a firm feel due to the tight weave.

To check the size of the rope you require, pull away a little of your existing rope from your stove door and form it back into a round shape then put a rule across it to check the diameter. Then choose “Rope & Kits” on our website and select “Standard Rope” and select the size you require. 

Soft Rope is sometimes used for the edge of the stove door and for behind the glass. If you squeeze it gently it will compress to about a third of its size.  

If your stove door requires soft rope behind the glass, there will be a groove into which the soft rope will fit. If there is no groove you will need Ceramic Paper.

Ceramic Paper is only ever used behind the glass. It is very easy to cut and is either 6mm wide (1/4″) or 10mm wide (3/8″) and is about 3mm (1/8″) thick. If your stove is fitted with this simply remove all traces of the existing Ceramic Paper. Cut the new Ceramic Paper to size and lay this in the recess where your glass will sit held in place with a couple of dabs of high temperature adhesive. Lay your glass on top and replace your clips and screws. Remember not to overtighten. 

If your stove has what looks like rope behind the glass, but it is completely flat you will find that this is probably self-adhesive flat seal, which comes in widths of 12mm and 25mm.  It looks like woven rope but has a sticky backing. This can be found by clicking here.

We can usually supply glass and fire bricks cut to size for you.

We will need to know whether your glass/fire bricks are rectangular or square with no cut outs. If they are, please measure your glass/fire bricks in millimetres and add the sizes here for fire bricks or here for glass then click calculate. This will give you a price for one piece of glass, or one fire brick depending on the product you are looking to purchase.

If your glass is shaped, just make a drawing, showing the profile and dimensions you need and email them to us. If your glass has an arched top, we will need an accurate template on a piece of paper. Add your name, and daytime telephone number and pop it in the post to us. Once received we will telephone you with a quotation for the cost of the glass and if you are happy, we can then take your order and payment on the phone. The glass will then be cut from your exact template and couriered to you.

This is probably because the seals on the doors are worn, allowing the stove to draw more air than it needs, perhaps you should consider replacing the rope around the door and the seal behind the glass, you will find these both on our website or you can telephone us, and we will be pleased to take the order over the telephone.

About 98% of stoves do not need the bricks cemented in place. Some of the very old stoves do have the firebricks cemented in but it is very rare. If you cannot see the fire bricks you need please measure them and telephone us, we will be happy to take your order over the phone and cut the bricks for you.

Our standard size glass is 4mm thick, which is the most common, but we do also sell 5mm thick glass which is not shown on our website. You will therefore need to order this by telephone. The 4mm glass can either be ordered on the site, or over the telephone, whichever you prefer.

We use DPD, currently due to Covid-19 working restrictions delivery to UK Mainland addresses is taking 2-3 working days, (usually 1-2 working days), but most parcels are delivered quicker than this. For a full list of our delivery times to all destinations together with our charges please visit our Delivery Information page. 

Our fire bricks are made from vermiculite and not clay. Vermiculite fire bricks will withstand temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees C, they have far superior thermal properties than clay, and are cheaper to buy and easier to machine to exact sizes. Clay fire bricks are still available on the Internet from some suppliers but will need to be made to order and will be more expensive to purchase.

Yes, we can help you with this. If you remove your broken glass from the door when the fire is cold and lay it on a piece of cardboard or paper. Carefully draw around the glass, add your name and telephone number and send the template to us, we will then telephone you with a quotation. If you decide to purchase, we can then take your order over the telephone.

We will need the dimensions please in millimetres, length and width and the thickness. Some cooker glass is 4mm and some are 5mm. Can you also let us know if the glass is just rectangular or square, or shape to it?

Currently due to the Brexit agreement and incurred import uncertainties, we can only supply goods to the United Kingdom.

It is most likely that this problem is being caused by the fuel you are using. You should always use thoroughly seasoned logs. You can usually tell by picking them up and feeling the weight of the logs. If they are light, they are fully seasoned, heavy logs are not. You can also purchase a special moisture metre which will give you accurate readings.

We can certainly do this work for you.

The cost varies depending on the condition of the door(s), glass, rope etc., and whether all the clips and screws can be removed without being re-machined. The only other cost would be the return courier charge to you.

We would need the door(s) for approximately 7 days.

If we do not have your glass on our website, but we can cut it to size for you in our factory. As it has an arched top and all arches vary slightly, we will need a paper or cardboard template.

Please place the glass on a piece of card and carefully draw around it. Add your name, daytime telephone number and email address to the card and pop it in the post to us. Once received we will telephone you with a quotation for the cost of the glass and if you then wish to purchase a piece of glass, we can then take your order and payment by telephone. The glass will then be cut from your template and couriered to you. This glass is non-refundable simply because it is cut to your exact measurements and is unique to your stove.

Orders over £100 to UK Mainland addresses are free of charge. See our Delivery Information page for full details of all our delivery charges.

We can renovate the door of your stove which is usually the main part of the stove that needs the most attention. You can courier the door to us, usually for around £10 and we can courier it back to you for the same cost, when restored. Once we have the door, we can give you an idea of the cost, we can give you a rough idea if you email us some pictures. We can replace the glass and rope, and clips where necessary and restore the door itself depending on what you need us to do.

With regard to the stove, you may need to replace the fire bricks, we can send these to you. Fire bricks are usually very easy to remove and replace with new.

That would just leave the body of the stove, and you could if you wished, use a high temperature paint, and spray the outer body, we do sell this paint. If you call us, we will give you some tips if you are not sure what to do yourself.

All our glass comes from Schott Robax in Germany and is one of the top two quality manufacturers of glass in the World.

There is unfortunately no guarantee on glass but the main reason for glass breaking in a short time, is poor fitting. The clips that hold the glass in place should only be tightened finger tight plus half a turn, and this is why we state this clearly on the label which encapsulates each piece of glass we sell. This happens because when you have a fire, the metal door expands but the glass does not, and if the clips are too tight, it will break the glass.

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