Firefox 12 Shaped Side Fire Bricks


Firefox 12 Shaped Side Fire Bricks

Each fire brick measures 230mm x 230mm x 30mm – The price quoted is for one fire brick.


Firefox 12 Shaped Side Fire Bricks

Each fire brick measures 230mm x 230mm x 30mm – The price quoted is for one fire brick

Firefox 12 Shaped Side Fire Bricks – What is Vermiculite?

Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral formed into a pressed piece of board and then cut into shapes. Vermiculite fire bricks are non-combustible. A fire resistant product which is light and easy to cut with a wood saw, unlike the old heavy clay fire bricks which used to be used in a lot of stoves.

Vermiculite fire bricks have excellent thermal insulation properties and have minimal shrinkage at high temperatures. They are Fire Resistant, which make them an ideal product to use in your wood burning or multi-fuel stove, providing fire protection exactly where it is needed.

Firefox 12 Shaped Side Fire Bricks – Why do we need Vermiculite fire bricks ?

They are fitted to your wood-burning or multi-fuel stove for insulation purposes, allowing your stove to burn efficiently but also acting as a heat barrier and preventing the flames from reaching the steel stove walls causing damage to the stove itself.

Tips to make your fire bricks last longer
  • Do not use oversized logs in your stove which may cause damage
  • Do not overfill your stove
  • Ensure you only burn seasoned wood
  • Where possible, place the logs into the stove rather than throwing or dropping them.
  • If cleaning your stove internally do not use water or water based cleaning agents, vermiculite will weaken if it absorbs moisture
  • Avoid over-firing your stove.  The fire bricks will have at pink colour if this is occuring.
Available thicknesses of Vermiculite Fire Bricks.

The standard thickness of our fire bricks on our website is 25mm unless otherwise stated.

15mm, 20mm, 30mm and 40mm thicknesses are also available upon request.

Please telephone us if you need fire bricks with alternative thicknesses to those stated on this page. Our details are found at