Contura Stove Glass Clips


Contura Stove Glass Clips

Contura Stove Glass Clips. Set of 4.

These clips measure approximately 20mm long by 15mm wide.


Contura Stove Glass Clips

Contura Stove Glass Clips – Set of 4

These clips measure approximately 20mm long by 15mm wide.

These glass clips hold your stove glass in place maintaining an airtight seal around your stove. Which will improve your wood burning stove’s efficiency. The price quoted is for a set of four Contura Stove Glass Clips.

We recommend that you replace your glass clips and screws when they are worn or broken. They are simple and quick to replace and this can be done easily when you are replacing your stove door glass and rope. These Contura Stove Glass Clips and screws will fit most Contura stoves.

Important information

When fitting these clips be careful not to over tighten them. This can cause the glass to crack if it does not have room to expand when heated. We would recommend tightening to hand tight plus half a turn only.

Contura Stove Glass Clips and screws – Delivery Details

Please note  Glass Clips and Screws are sent out by Royal Mail from our workshop whereas the rest of your order will arrive by courier from our factory.

Our website is set up for multiple orders, but if you choose to buy only clips with free screws our website automatically charges you a courier charge. £7.50 for UK Mainland and £16.50 for Highland and Islands. If you only require clips and screws please telephone us on 01664 820269. We will take your order and payment over the telephone. Only charging you £3.50 including vat for first class Royal Mail postage and packaging.

We also sell  quality Contura Stove Door Glass made by Schott Robax

We pride ourselves in only supplying the highest quality stove glass for your wood-burning or multi-fuel stove. That is why here at ADS Stove Spares & Repairs we only supply the best quality heat resistant glass from SCHOTT ROBAX.

The very low thermal expansion of our glass resists extremely high temperatures of up to 760c, as well as hot and cold shocks.

Schott Robax glass is the clearest glass on the market today and is a strong reliable material which is perfect for all wood burner & multi fuel stoves.

Why buy from ADS Stove Spares & Repairs?

ADS Stove Spares & Repairs is a family run business. We have many years experience in supplying parts for wood burning & multi-fuel stoves and have workshop facilities for repairs and refurbishments.

Please Contact Us or by telephone on 01664 820269 if you need any help or advice. Our office hours are 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and we pride ourselves on our knowledgeable and helpful customer service.