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How to fit Ceramic Paper

How to fit Ceramic Paper

How to fit Ceramic Paper – Our Ceramic Paper kits come in two widths 6mm or 10mm wide by 2.5mm thick. They include 2 metres of ceramic paper. Ceramic Paper is very soft and easy to cut with a pair of scissors.  It is only ever used between the glass and the door in the recess. You will only need to use Ceramic Paper if there is no groove where your glass sits. If there is a groove, you will need to fit soft rope. Please see “Rope & Kits”

 wire brush

 Firstly remove the old seal and any traces of debris and adhesive using a wire brush.


Secondly cut strips of the Ceramic Paper to fit around where the glass will sit.


Apply a tiny smear of adhesive around this area.

ceramic paper

Lay the Ceramic Paper strips around the edge on top of the adhesive and press down gently ensuring it meets all the way around.

Place your glass on top in position and replace the screws and clips.

clip screw

When replacing clips and screws, hand tighten plus a 1/4 of a turn, with a screwdriver or spanner. Do not tighter any more than this as when the fire is alight the metal expands, but the glass doesn’t.  If the clips are too tight the glass will crack.